update on diet

Almost starting on my 2nd week on diet...it sucks! I'm doing a low calorie program in which I can't exceed from 1800 calories & 19g of fat. I'm keeping a diary of what I eat, the calories and stuff and I'm eating less than that. so far I've lost 5 pounds.  Also doing kick boxing & aerobics everyday for 1 hour. All this looks like I'm really committed to improve my health & appearance but...here comes the ugly face...
Don't know if have happened to you, but since I started dieting can't take the "have to loose weight" thing from my head. Even when I'm eating what I know is healthy, the right portion & stuff there is something that tells me that still, I'm eating too much, that I'm not going to make it. Just finishing my workout, exhausted, barely standing I'm thinking that it wasn't enough....  Is this normal? Probably not because today I cried for no reason at all for about 2 hours, didn't feel like going out with the BF and suddenly felt terrified of my brothers birthday next Saturday: will I have enough strength to be around my family and say no to the cake, ice cream & the tasty appetizers? How is possible to feel like shit when you are doing something that is good for you?

If you have any suggestions on how to deal with those crazy feelings let me know
Wish me luck!
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