Review: Palladio Herbal eyeshadow Primer

Recently on a trip to Walmart decided to check on Palladio Herbal eyeshadow primer that was recommended by YouTuber EmilyNoel83. My full size Urban Decay Primer Potion have dried up and I found a little weird the consistency of the mini - sample one; so for $7 if the Palladio really worked would save me $ and a trip to Sephora.

I'm really glad that I tried this product! In my experience it does the work as good as the ones from high end brands. Here we are starting to feel the heat of the upcoming summer and my eyeshadow lasted all day, no creasing, no faded colors. The color and consistency / texture is similar to UDPP.  The packaging is net because is small and will fit pretty much in any makeup bag. It has a doe-foot applicator and I've been able to scrap every tiny bit of product ot of the tube with it. A little goes a long way so this baby have lasted me for a very long time; no waste; it haven't dried either!
For a drugstore product to work as efficient as it does for $7 to 8 and available in places like Walmart, Sally Beauty, it's great bang for your buck.

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