Happy Birthday to me!

On march 17 [St Patty's day] was my 28th birthday. First went to the mall with a friend; we window shop then grab something to eat. At night had dinner with another friend and then we went to an Pub.  The line was so long, hacia un calorrr!! LoL and my shoes where killing me! At that point I was so tired that decided not to wear the "Irish Princess" crown...More than St Patty's day it was "spill your drink on the bday girl new dress"...maybe it happened because the place was very crowded.  At the end of the night there was barely a trace of YSL Parissiene on me but had everything on from beer to whiskey. Overall, I'm not ungrateful; I spend time with 2 of the most amazing guy friends.
Two days latter while celebrating my Aunts 50th bday, she & my cousin gifted me an Urban Decay Sustainable Shadow Box!. I was super happy & excited; this is my first UD palette, the only product I have tried from them was the Primer Potion.

Pictures of my first try at it: sorry for the crazy eyebrows

really bad blending but I'm excited about the triple wing e/l. My next project is being able to do it on my left eye
an attempt at being bold using purple / fuchsia mascara
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