About Me

Hi! My name is Roxanne and I'm from Puerto Rico.
I'm a beauty enthusiast, not an expert in anything; blogging for fun, to learn and free some stress.  I started blogging mostly about makeup; I've always love makeup but my passion really kicked in after I discovered YouTube makeup tutorials & hauls.  From then - and because I had much spare time - I started sharing a little of what I know and a lot of things I love.  Now, I've become a nail polish collectionist and nail art / stamping aficionado, so I mix the blog content with my new affair, a little fashion, weight loss battle / advice, life experiences, adventures and everything but the kitchen sink!

Hope you enjoy my blog as much as I have enjoy creating it!

PR Inquiries
If you are interested in having your product reviewed or sponsor a giveaway, please send all inquiries to myrandomstash@gmail.com

Personal Policy regarding the use of my work
I'm grateful and really flattered when someone shares my work -pictures-.  It is a validation that there are people out there who love the same thing as I do, like what I create; and that in some way, in the vast space that is the internet; I'm connecting with my readers.

I don't have inconvenience with single individuals or companies sharing my work, via digital or printed media; as long as:
- Its not used for monetary benefit, unless I have been asked for approval beforehand.
- Its not used on any media outlet that promotes violence, drug use, illegal activities uses derogatory language / images or promotes discrimination based on religion, sex, gender, race, political, ethnic or economical background.

If its for educational purposes or just for the fun of sharing something you like: Share it please!
If you do so, please don't claim it as your own and don't alter/ remove my watermark.  In case I forgot to watermark a picture - mistakes happen! - please specify that it belong to My Random Stash blog.


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